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Mapletech Productions LLC is dedicated to the promotion of 'Staccato - A Software Design Method and Architecture for Embedded Systems' as a viable choice for design engineers. Through this website, and collaboration with partners, we intend to fully support all products and services based on this design method.

The problem...

Currently, the choices available for embedded system software architecture include: 1) modified desktop computer Operating Systems and 2) Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS). Both of these systems were designed to run multiple applications from a single processor. Inherent in these operating systems is unnecessary complexity and difficulty in performing validation and verification processes on the embedded application software (and Operating System). The proprietary nature and learning curve to use these systems effectively within an embedded system increase risk and cost to projects. One might consider how much of the total embedded software is dedicated to performing the single embedded application in a timely manner. Until now, a software design method specifically for embedded systems did not exist.

A solution...

'Staccato - A Software Design Method and Architecture for Embedded Systems' provides an RTOS alternate for developers. It encompasses a total solution to ensure a successful project. From product specifications through requirements and coding principles, this method addresses those issues that traditionally have a negative impact on schedules, cost and reliability. This method applies the concepts of Finite State Machines to the design and coding of tasks within a properly-partitioned system. It includes a 'System Core' which allows task processes to be run efficiently by a single host processor 'executive', along with inter-task communication and timer services, and is replete with useful system calls. As a result, software maintenance and reliability are no longer a difficult issue.


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